Tumeric and Oat Milk Bar Natural Soap


Organic Turmeric Powder: – Anti-inflamatory; – Calms the skin; – Brightens the skin tone; – Pore tightening; – Reduces Acne; – Brightens dark spots from post acne inflamations; Reduces hyper-pigmentation. Oat Milk – Hydrating; Anti-inflamatory; PH Balancing; – Soothing.


Turmeric is widely known as being the “golden child” of spices. Our Turmeric and Oat Milk bar combines the beauty of the spice with the soothing properties of oat. It is great for acne prone skin tones that tend to lead to hyperpigmentation or dark spots. As a general bar, this soap is also great for brightening and balancing the skin’s tone and adding hydration and luster.

Additional information

Avg Use

6-8 weeks