Hemp + Moringa Soap Natural Soap


Hemp – Contains Omega and fatty acids that are great for the skin; Gentle enough for you and everyone in your family; Moisturizes and hydrates the skin; Pore refining; Anti-inflamatory; Healing; Non-comedogenic; Softens and hydrates hair and skin. Moringa – Contains more than 90 nutrients; 46 antioxidants; containts all 8 amino acids; brings back balance and natural skin tone; detoxifies the skin; balances the skin; anti-aging; skin brightening; improves elasticity; anti-bacterial and anti-acne; adds moisture to prevent hyperpigmentation and acne scarring.


The one that started the process! We spent years trying to find the perfect soap that worked for every concern and unfortunately nothing gave us the “all-around-good-for-every-skin-type – and -concern-feel” that we were looking for. This bar, with its added benefits from the Moringa ‘Tree of Life’, is the perfect soap for targeting every skin/body/hair concern. It is the bar that started our soap journey and to this day still remains a staple in househoulds. The combination of the two active ingredients makes it a powerhouse of a soap which also makes it another one of our head-to-toe bars.

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Avg Use

6-8 weeks