Copper Leather, Pyrite, Opal and Malachite Healing Stone 5-Wrap Adjustable Handmade Bracelet


This stunning piece is handmade with Pyrite semi precious stone, Silver Plated Nuggets, White Opal semi precious stones, Gunmetal Nuggets and Malachite semi precious stones; finally this piece is finished with copper leather cord and our signature Kico silver button closure.

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Pyrite has for decades been considered a strong protection stone that protects the wearer from any type of negative energy whilst helping to promote physical well-being and enhancing strength of mind and willpower.Pyrite – Third Chakra. Pyrite Zodiac – Leo; Pyrite Element – Earth. Opal stone is truly something special and adds balance to this piece. The Opal stone is widely known to be associated with love, passion, and eroticism, known as the “seductive stone”. Opal Chakra – Because of all the beautiful colors in the Opal stone, it is known to activate several chakras and link them to the Crown Chakra. Opal Zodiac – Libra. Opal Element- All Elements. Like Pyrite, Malachite is also a protective stone and protects the wearer from negative energies. Malachite Chakra- Heart Chakra. Malachite Zodiac – Taurus. Malachite Element- Heart Chakra. 82cm of natural stones and copper leather followed by 4 knots in the leather cord; Total Length is Approximately 91cm

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Dimensions 91 cm