Candle Care & Safety

Our candles are all curated with a plant-based clean burning hybrid blend of coconut-soy wax and a combination of essential and all natural fragrance oils. They are long-burning, eco-conscious and smell amazing; but, we do have certain rules (or recommendations):

  • Always place your candle on a heat-resistant surface before lighting – porcelain, glass, granite, quartz, stainless steel – these are all great.
  • Please don’t burn your candles near anything that can catch or ignite a fire – i.e. wood, bedsheets, curtains, clothing, heat sources, drafts, or anything flammable (hopefully this goes without saying, but just in case). Particularly with drafts, we want to avoid this as much possible so that we don’t create a soot burn or stain on the candle jar as well as dilute the scent throw.
  • Oh yeah, and let’s be sure to keep the candles away from children, pets and other candle lovers.
  • Particularly for the Coco Bohemia Essential Oil Candle Blends, ensure that you are burning your candle in a well ventilated room/space.
  • When you’re not burning your candle, let’s keep the lid securely onto the jar. This helps immensely with the prevention of tunneling and preserving your scent throw.
  • And once you’ve hit about ½ inch of wax, it’s time to blow that beauty out and either purchase a new candle blend or learn more about our Candle Upcycling Program.

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