Ashley and Jason picked the perfect summer day for their lakeside destination wedding. The sky was clear, the water was glistening, and the bride was absolutely stunning in her Paloma Blanca Style 4165! Ashley found the perfect dress at Novelle Bridal, and was actually a little surprised by the dress she fell for.


Ashley: I bought my dress at a great little shop called Novelle Bridal in Edmonton, Alberta. They have since moved locations to a larger shop several blocks away but at the time I bought my dress it was quite a small shop but it was filled with a great selection of beautiful, high quality dresses that weren’t the same ones you saw in every other bridal shop. I was very happy with my experience at Novelle Bridal.


How did he propose?
Ashley: We’re both from and live in Edmonton, Alberta but my family has a vacation condo in Whitefish, Montana and I spent many happy summers there as a kid. In August of 2012 we spent two weeks in Whitefish and had such a great time, I really didn’t want to go home back to reality. The last night of our vacation we went for diner and I was bummed to have to leave the next day. On the walk back from dinner to the condo Jason saw a penny on the ground and told me to pick it up, that it might bring me good luck. I didn’t think much of it at the time but I picked it up (I kept the penny and put it in the pocket of my dress on our wedding day!). The rest of the night we packed and got things ready for our trip home and once we were finished he announced that he was going out on the deck to look at the stars one last time. Montana is often referred to ask Big Sky Country because it’s so dark at night and on clear nights you can see hundreds of stars. I decided to follow him out there and good thing I did 😉 We were standing there looking up at the stars and at one point I noticed he wasn’t beside me anymore. I turned around and said “what are you…” but didn’t get the rest of the sentence out because he was down on one knee with the ring box, that had a little LED light in it so I could see what he was doing, and asked me to marry him! It’s kind of a blur but he tells me that I kept saying “oh my god” repeatedly and he had to ask me again but of course I said YES! I knew that a proposal was coming at some point because we had talked about marriage quite a bit but I really didn’t think it would happen when it did so he definitely surprised me!


Tell us about your theme, what inspired it?
Ashley: To be honest, I don’t think we really had a theme. I guess you could say that we had what’s considered a “classic” wedding. We wanted nothing to do with the rustic or vintage themes that many couples are going with these days even though the place where we got married screams rustic. We had a destination wedding in Whitefish, where we got engaged, in front of 75 family members and friends on a beautiful sunny summer day. People traveled from various parts of Canada to celebrate with us. The entire wedding was held at the Lodge at Whitefish Lake, the ceremony was outdoors beside the lake and our reception was in a big tent a few feet away. It’s such a gorgeous scenic spot! We basically had a blank canvas and could decorate the space however we liked. I’ve always loved flowers and for many years I’ve just known that I wanted lots of different shades of pink roses. We wanted our wedding to be classy and elegant but fun. The wedding was heavy on pink (especially dark pink), which is my favorite color but it’s definitely not Jason’s, so we decided to throw in some dark grey chair ties to make it a bit more masculine. We didn’t have a ton of decorations but we didn’t need to with a venue like that!


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