Our featured bride in this week’s Tie The Knot Tuesday has a very unique connection to the church that her and her husband were married in:

“My wedding story actually dates back to the early 1900s,” Courtney said in her story she submitted to us. “My family came over from Germany and helped found a church in Kansas City. The stained glass has the names of my great-grandmother and grandfather and other family members. On November 16, 2013, I was the fourth generation to walk down the same aisle to marry my best friend, Michael. We knew that our wedding ceremony had to be in that special place that holds so much history and love. We even played the same song that my mom walked down the aisle to 40 years earlier as she was seated in the pews.”

With a story so personal and rich in loving, family history, we knew we had to hear more about Courtney and Michael’s special day.

Where did you first see your wedding dress?
Courtney: “My bridal consultant picked it out for me. I had been trying on completely different silhouettes and I decided after trying on many, many dresses to try a different style. It was the last dress she pulled and when I put it on I was like “oh, okay, this is it.” I didn’t know if I’d ever get that cliche moment, but I did.”

Courtney walked down the aisle in Paloma Blanca Style 4363 that she found at The Gown Gallery in Kansas City, MO.

How did you and Michael first meet?
“Michael and I first met in college at Kansas State University, some time in 2006 or 2007. To be honest, we really don’t remember when we met! We were just acquaintances with lots of mutual friends.
Fast forward to January 2012. I had moved back from Boston (I moved there after college for work) and was in Kansas City and he was finishing up grad school and was in Kansas City, as well. Both sports enthusiasts, we were excited to watch the K-State Wildcats play football in the Cotton Bowl. We both set out on Facebook to see where other alumni were watching — I responded to his enquiry. We got our respective friends together and the rest is history. We barely watched the game.”

What was your favourite memory from your wedding day?
“If I had to sum it up it would be our entire ceremony. We really personalized each part of our ceremony to try to create a sense of warmth that would include our family and friends in the love the two of us share. Plus, the amount of history in that church from my family is so rich that it was the perfect way to pay homage to family that came before us.”

Was there any aspect of your wedding planning experience that took you by surprise?
“How much had to be done last minute. I pride myself on being a good planner, but I had no idea the amount of planning/decisions that came the two-three weeks before the wedding. Prepare yourself!”

Best advice for brides-to-be?
“Several times during the day/night stop and be present. Look around at the people who are there, the love in the room, the man standing next to you, and the beautiful dress you’re wearing! You’re going to want to do the day all over again, but taking those mental pictures can help you live your day in the moment.”


Photos and video by Wirken Photography.

Thank you Courtney for sharing your story with us!

If you’re a Paloma Blanca Bride, we’d love to hear your story! You can also find more of our Real Bride stories in our Real Brides Gallery, including the one Courtney sent us.

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