Last night we tuned into the 57th Grammy Awards and chose our top beauty and fashion looks fit for a Paloma Blanca wedding. Here are some of our favourite red carpet looks:

Makeup Minimalist
This look has been worn heavily on the red carpet this passed year. Enhancing your skin’s natural glow with some bronzer, and applying nude lipsticks are a sure way to highlight your beauty on your special day. Don’t be afraid to add in some shimmering eye shadow to really wake up those eyes. Here’s how you can achieve this look:

1. Choose a powder bronzer that has buildable coverage which will allow you to start off with less and add more if needed.

2. If you find that matte nude lipsticks are not flattering on their own, use a high shine lip gloss on top to really make those lips pop.

3. Grooming your eyebrows for this look is highly recommended. If you want a fuller eyebrow, try going with a natural fill with a nice blend.

Grammys image 3

Something Blue 
The Grammys are notorious for tradition-breaking fashion, and this year was no exception. “Black tie attire” was worn with a twist as we saw a handful of gentlemen looking dapper in Navy. We love this idea for a groom looking to also make a statement on his wedding day.

Grammys image 4

What was your favourite look of the evening?

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