Our story, like many, started with more problems than solutions…..

Our Founder spent years battling with acne, eczema, psoriasis, hormonal imbalance and dry skin –and equally spent many of thosesameyears using everything from prescription medicines (for acne), Retin A for (Hyperpigmentation) and any ‘cure’, ‘vitamin’, and ‘cleansing tea’ with a simple glimmer of hope that just one of these might be the next best thing to helpalleviate or balance her body and skin.

As you can imagine, nothing worked.

It wasn’t until our co-founder had the idea to try to merge the concept of healing skin ailments with traditional island ‘bush medicines’, that Island Organics was born.

We have been in the business of making high-quality holistic productsusing local bush medicinessince 2014, and are now solely committed to curating products that are pure, clean,natural, yet highly effective. And yes, by this we mean 1) products without the use of harsh chemicals, and 2) products thatarehighly effective with healing properties and its many benefits to your skin and body. Our products regularly include locally harvested bush like neem, nettle, moringa and seaweed, just to name a few. This is also why our products are always hand made in small batches in our studio to ensure that we know exactly what goes into each product before it makes it to your home and/or onto your skin. We take a no nonsense approach to ensuring that we only use the highest in quality of raw materials, as we firmly believe that with skincare and wellness, there should never be room for any degree of compromise.

The products we sell are the products we create ourselves. Our handcrafted and all-natural small batches are sustainable and cruelty-free. Why do we use the small batch method? To ensure freshness and quality for your pleasure and self-care routines. Part of Coco Bohemia’s mantra is to promote a better well-being anda cleaner, more organiclifestyle–andwe couldn’t be more proud to create our products for them to fulfillthis mission.


With Love,

Arlene& Kish